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Tag: "horse-rider-relationships"

When trying to instigate change for the betterment of horses and their jockeys, to challenge long held beliefs and values and to introduce new checks and balances to sacred traditions it is a brave pioneer who dares to peep above the parapet and lead the way...


Ask a veterinarian, a judge and a farrier to describe a particular horse and you might get three very different answers. Show them a set of behaviours and ask them to name and characterise them and you might well believe they were observing different horses altogether. This might be amusing as a party game, but when it comes to discussing behaviour at a scientific level or to comparing one behaviour study with another, it presents a unique set of problems...


As we move forward with Equitation Science research, we do so on the shoulders of those enlightened pioneers who have gone before, whose lessons we can build upon in our quest to improve horse welfare, training and management. In equitation, who are these influential Giants and what have they contributed?…


The following interviews were conducted by Chris Stafford Radio who interviewed ISES Education Officer Inga Wolframm PhD when she was a Senior Lecturer in Equine, Leisure & Sports Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen.