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ISES Academic Membership

Open to all persons holding a higher education qualification and research record relevant to equitation science, e.g. BSc (Hons),…


GBP £ 35.00

ISES Associate Membership

Open to all persons holding scientific or scholarly qualifications relevant to Equine or Equitation Science, including Veterinary Degrees.Consideration for…


GBP £ 25.00

ISES Practitioner Membership

Open to persons actively engaged in the discipline of Equitation Science. This category is for riders / coaches / mentors…


GBP £ 25.00

ISES Student Membership

Open to persons enrolled at a tertiary / higher education institution in a qualification relevant to Equine or Equitation Science…


GBP £ 15.00

ISES Supporter Membership

Open to all persons with an interest in and commitment to Equitation Science.Supporter members do not hold voting privileges. …


GBP £ 20.00

ISES Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to charities, organizations, or companies that have an interest in the aims of the Society. Corporate…


GBP £ 95.00

ISES noseband taper gauge

After many months working with designers and injection moulding product manufacturers, the ISES Noseband Taper Gauge is finally a reality, with 500 gauges having been manufactured, and now available to ship to you wherever you are in the world. Click through for more details and ordering.


GBP £ 10.00