Student research grant application

Background information

The purpose of the ISES student research grant is to enable students to undertake supervised research projects that fall within the field of Equitation Science. ISES will award a maximum of two ISES student research grants per year.  Funding to a maximum of £750 is available per project. Each application will be reviewed by three members of the ISES Council. Applications may only be submitted online.


Applications for student research grants should be submitted online by 31st October. Successful applicants will be expected to complete the project within six months and to provide a report within three months of completion.



Details of institutional account to which funds should be paid should the application be successful.

(Include a detailed description of the methodology to be used, a time-line of no longer than 6 months for the conduct of the project, a statement of the relevance of the proposed work to ISES research priority goals, brief references to other scientific papers or work bearing on the project and possible avenues for publication)

Total word Count : 0 words. Words left: 750


Your referee is required to provide a supporting statement. Please provide their contact details below. They will be asked by the ISES Research Officer to provide the following information to support your application. Please note your application will NOT be considered if no accompanying referee statement is received.