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The symposium intended to pursue the discussions held at the Equitation Science Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2004. 90 delegates from 7 countries attended the symposium at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, showing interest in the scientific understanding of the processes of horse training. The following peer-reviewed papers were presented.

Local Organising Committee

S. Botterrill, A. McLean, A. Warren-Smith, D. Goodwin, N. Waran, P. McGreevy

SpeakersOral Presentations
Frank Ödberg, Belgium The evolution of schooling principles and their influence on the horse’s welfare
Andrew McLean, Australia Defining the terms and processes associated with equitation
Amanda Warren-Smith, Australia A low cost device for measuring the pressures exerted on domestic horses by riders and handlers
Paul McGreevy, Australia Breed differences in equine retinae
Lucy Rees Synchronised movement in horses: Dominance or voluntary coordination?
Natalie Waran, New Zealand Equestrianism and horse welfare: The need for an ‘equine centred’ approach to training
Amanda Warren-Smith, Australia The use of head lowering in horses as a method of inducing calmness
Paul McGreevy, Australia Epidemiology of horses leaving the Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing industries
Amyeline de Cartier, d’Yves, Belgium A preliminary study on the relation between subjectively assessing dressage performances and objective welfare parameters
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