January 2021 International Society of Equitation Science Newsletter

 Welcome to the January issue of the long-awaited International Society for Equitation Science Newsletter. You may have noticed a change in style from previous newsletters. There is also a change in the Newsletter team – ISES members, Antonia Henderson, Susi Cienciala, and Justine Harrison will be putting out the newsletter moving forward.

 A big thank you to former newsletter editor Cristina Wilkins who has produced fantastic ISES newsletters for many years and has been our guide and mentor.

 In this issue, we will begin by telling you what this society is all about, for those of you who may be new to the International Society of Equitation Science see Mission and Aims. Then we will be reviewing highlights from the very successful Virtual ISES Conference that took place this past August. The talks were provocative, informative, persuasive, and challenged us to reach beyond our hallowed walls of Equitation Science. Still, I so missed our coffee breaks after the sessions. At a live conference, this is where the work of the Society really happens. Our virtual organizers did a splendid job with an opportunity for after session and after conference virtual chat rooms, but I still felt the lack of my face-to-face contact with colleagues. Covid will not be forever, and at some point, we can again look forward to at least mask-to -mask contact, though drinking coffee may be challenging. Watch this space in our next newsletter for upcoming news about the ISES Conference 2021!

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