ISES Spring Newsletter 2021


Welcome to our spring newsletter.

Thanks to the hard work of our team, Toni Henderson and Susi Cienciala, I know that you will enjoy this varied, informative, thought-provoking and educational production.

The newsletter describes research, gives updates of the activities of some of our council members within equitation science, describes donations which will contribute to increasing equitation science knowledge and introduces one of our research grant recipients. The feature article delves into communication – describing the horses’ documented abilities and efforts to communicate – but asks the important question of how observant we are of these efforts by our horses to communicate on a day to day basis. Just reading through this newsletter has left me energized and with renewed enthusiasm to further my own knowledge, and I hope and expect that it will have the same impact on most if not all of our readers. 

A huge thank you to the team and Well Done on an exciting and engaging newsletter!

Orla Doherty
Hon President