ISES 2018 Rome - Equitation Science 150 years after Caprilli

Conference Theme

Equitation Science 150 years after Caprilli: theory and practice, the full circle

Equine welfare: good training, good feeding, good housing, good mental state, good health, good behaviour. Research focusing on any of the mentioned topics or on how to assess equine welfare is very welcome. 

Abstract submission is open until 26/05/2018

Final acceptance of abstracts by 15/07/2018

Early bird registration  closes 30/07/2018

The conference is held remembering the 150 years from the birth of Caprilli who patent the concept of lightening the seat and “giving” the reins to the horse while jumping which revolutionised equitation. Caprilli was the first to realise the horse needed freedom to deal with the obstacle and maintain its natural balance. Caprilli is therefore known for having revolutionized the jumping seat and introduced the concept of “natural equitation” which today is recognized as ‘the revolution in modern equitation’.