ISES 2017 Down Under - Let the Show Begin!

With just over a week to go before the 13th International Equitation Science Conference begins, the orchestra is tuning and the players are rehearsing their lines. And do we have a treat in store for you!

This year’s theme of Collaboration, Communication and Change is amply represented by the range and breadth of papers and studies which will be presented throughout the three days. Following a traditional Indigenous Australian welcome to country, delegates will be treated to an exciting range of research presentations exploring welfare, communication and collaboration and what that means in terms of change for the future.

Many of the presentations will pave the way for some ground-breaking developments in Equitation Science. Of particular excitement is the development of an equine ethogram, a descriptive catalogue of equine behaviours, which once defined and accepted, will facilitate better research, enhance clarity and, ultimately, provide a reliable framework in which to study and measure behaviours. In a similar vein, the opening plenary will describe the importance of recognizing and reading equine body language, and its importance in the day to day interactions between horses and humans.

The power of collaboration is represented by a case study in which clinicians from many different fields collaborated with the aim of reducing the injury rates of both, horses and jockeys, in Thoroughbred racing.

The challenges of assessing and measuring equine emotional state and some possible areas for further study in this area will be outlined in a plenary that points the way toward creating an Equine Quality of Life framework (EQoL).
From decreased eye blink rate as an indicator of stress, to the welfare benefits of early training of foals in basic responses according to the First Principles of Horse Training, to the stress induced by tongue tying and the cost/ benefit analysis in terms of welfare, this conference will generate enough thought-provoking content to keep your grey matter busy for quite some time.

Whatever your particular field of interest, the range of research to be presented at the 2017 ISES Down Under conference is sure to delight and intrigue you. Registrations have now closed, but to stay informed and keep abreast of the content of this conference, sign up for our email news at and like the ISES Facebook page for updates. If you are a current ISES member, you can also request to join the discussions on the closed Facebook group, ISES Members Forum. 

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