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Laura Jůvová

 I perceive the activities of the ISES with big respect and the possibility to become the Student Representative is really an honor for me. I have been working with horses since my childhood and soon I also realized that horses and riding are also my path in my professional life. For the last few years I have kept in mind two quotes representing my point of view to horses’ training and my own way. Firs of them is a quote by one of the big philosophers of 20th century Ludwig Wittgenstein: “Ethics and aesthetics are one”. When I saw this quote for the first time I found it associated also with training and riding. In my opinion only an ethical way of training which respects horses’ physical and mental health can lead to a more beautiful and healthy horse enjoying the work and only an ethical riding can truly be a riding art. Second quote accompanying me on my way is from an unknown author: “Be the person you needed when you were younger”. When I was starting with riding as a little girl I always wanted a good trainer who would be able to teach me. I tried many trainers and I was sometimes very surprised by their aggressive way of working. Only after many years of studying and gaining experiences I have realized that they did not have the knowledge and maybe they also did not want to learn. I see the lack of professionals especially in Czech Republic as a big problem and I think the education of riders and trainers is more important than ever. In the Student Representative position I feel a big opportunity to help other students - future professionals to find information about possible ways of getting knowledge and experiences. I think it is sometimes difficult for students to find the opportunities and it would be a pleasure for me to participate in presentation of the ISES. I personally would like to learn from more experienced people and be part of a society which correlates with attitude of my own. 

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