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ISES 14th Equitation Science Conference – ISES 2018 Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Professor Glenn Edwards

Head of School of Animal and Veterinary Science CSU

Presenting: Welcome to CSU and SAVs; The importance of collaboration in the animal industry.

Glenn is Professor of Veterinary Surgery and Head of the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. He teaches in all aspects of soft tissue surgery with a particular interest in minimally invasive surgery, wound healing and surgical management of cardiovascular and urinary tract problems.

Glenn is also active in the development of a variety of surgical techniques and implantable devices destined for both veterinary and human clinical use, such as improved urinary tract and cardiovascular surgical procedures, vascular grafts, left ventricular assist devices and heart valves. He has been a successful collaborator in 17 competitive research grants and numerous additional research contracts, and has published over 100 papers and chapters in textbooks in the veterinary, biomaterial and medical literature.

Glenn was the recipient of the 2006 TG Hungerford Award for Excellence in Post Graduate Education, the 2011 ASAVA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award and was awarded the CSIRO medal for Research Achievement together with colleagues from CSIRO in the development of a new tissue adhesive in 2012.