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ISES 14th Equitation Science Conference – ISES 2018 Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Richard van Dijk

Train Teach Trim

Richard’s business in South Australia is called Train Teach Trim which means ‘Train the horse, teach the human, trim the hooves’. Horses come to his property for starting to saddle and harness, ground work, re-training, etc. He also gives riding, driving and handling lessons to people and travels around trimming the hooves of approximately 30–40 horses a week.

Richard is a second generation horseman having lived and worked with horses his whole life, experiencing a huge range of horse activities. A Pony club member from age 6, Richard was breaking in horses to harness and saddle with his father from age 12. He has competed in eventing, novelties, dressage, show jumping, tetrathlon, show carriage driving, Royal Show section fours, hunting, picnic races and participated in various festivals, parades and weddings with his harness horses. Richard has successfully trained horses for disabled people and several tourist facilities to be calm and cope with difficult environments.

Richard came to realise that the early work he did with his father and the Pony Club was the same as Tom Roberts’ methodology. Equitation Science and Dr McLean’s methods clarified and consolidated the training principles that already made the most sense to him. Particularly appealing to Richard about Dr McLean’s system is that it’s safe, calm and comfortable for the horse and handler.

He was trained in natural hoof care by Jenny Austin and co-presents at her hoof health workshops. When Richard became a professional hoof trimmer, he quickly realised that horse training is lacking when it comes to standing quietly for the hoof care practitioner. Using his excellent timing, experience and Equitation Science principles, he has developed a successful method of handling and training for this area.